Advanced Vitamin Facial


Joanne £250  |  Senior Skin Expert £180  |  Skin Expert £165

Starting with a three – stage cleanse using nourishing cream, oils and an enzyme mask, customised active ingredients are infused gently into the skin. Gentle steam will be applied to warm the skin to aid with the extraction and milia removal. A tougher skin check will be carried out with the deep clean. You will have soundwaves via a probe massaged over your face and neck to penetrate the most active ingredients of vitamins 4000 times deeper into your skin. This actively enriches the skin’s natural moisturising factors and repairs dull, pigmented, dehydrated skin.

A lymphatic and pressure point facial massage to de-stress and drain skin to give a fresh, renewed and defined look to the face. The facial is finished with a specialised mask which cocoons the face and neck to seal in vitamins and to finish the hydrating process while cooling and soothing. An electrical pulse will flow through to lift and sculpt the face. While this mask works its magic for 20 minutes a deep neck, shoulder and scalp massage is carried out followed by a reflexology foot massage to give a total relaxation.

Frequently asked questions

This is my first time having a facial in a while. How do I know which facial is best for me?

We recommend having an Advanced Vitamin Facial if it is your first time with us to give you maximum time with our Skin Experts. You can then reduce to an hour once we have gotten you in to a good skin routine.

How do I know which treatments are best for me?

Leave that to us! Our Skin Experts will tailor make all treatments to suit you, your skin and your skin goals.

Can I wear makeup after a facial?

You can, however it is always best to let your skin enjoy all of the benefits you have just treated it to. Your skin has been repaired and so putting makeup can aggravate your skin. The longer you can let it breath and nourish the better the results. We do have make up in the studio which you can use after your facial which doesn’t clog pores and is medicated so it keeps your skin clean. Just ask your facialist at the end of your treatment.

treatment time?

90 minutes

Treatment Frequency?

Every 4 - 6 weeks or as required. 



how long until I see visible results?

Within 1 treatment but a course is recommended for best results.