LED Light Therapy

FACIAL TREATMENTS | 10 / 30 minutes

10 minutes


Individual session

Course of 3 

Course of 6

2o minutes







LED wavelengths penetrate into the skin, accelerating wound healing, boosting collagen, evening out the skin tone, reducing breakouts and improving the overall complexion of the skin.

It is a pain free and relaxing treatment that can help to reduce the downtime of advanced aesthetic treatments.

A great treatment if you are short on time or money, need a quick boost between facials or need a quick little pick me up before an event or special occasion.

Lie back and relax whilst one of our team sets you up under our LED hood. Either a cycle of the different LED lights or for specific skin issues a selected colour light to target that issue.

Blue light destroys acne causing bacteria and helps to clear existing breakouts and prevent them in the future.

Red light helps to improve the skins plumpness and firmness, softens the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles and is wound healing.

Green light reduces inflammation on the surface of the skin and is anti-aging which helps with pigmentation.

treatment time?

30 minutes

Treatment Frequency?

As required



how long until I see visible results?

Within 1 treatment but a course is recommended for best results. Expect accelerated wound healing, boosted collagen, more even skin tone and reduced breakouts.