What is poor immune function?

Poor or low immune function, also known as immunodeficiency, is when the immune system is compromised or nonexistent. This reduces the body’s ability to fight off infection and can cause symptoms such as continuous fatigue, fatigue can be caused by many different things but when you are tired a lot of the time, or after doing very small activities it could be due to immunodeficiency. Other symptoms can include regular infections, frequent flus and colds, allergies and longer time than usual for wounds to heal.


Some people can experience immunodeficiency so mildly they may not notice it. You can avoid issues if you have a low immune system by getting plenty of sleep, maintaining good hygiene, eating a healthy diet ensuring you are getting plenty of all of your vitamins, taking supplements if necessary, and avoiding sick people where possible. Generally maintaining a healthy lifestyle can avoid triggering your lowered immune system as well as avoiding stress. If it becomes more chronic then you should seek the advice of a GP who may be able to identify why your immune system is not functioning correctly and treat the underlying issue. Immune issues can arise following an infection or illness and can resolve it self as the body naturally fights through the problem, so maintaining a healthy lifestyle will boost the body’s ability to repair.

Vitamin infusions are another good way to get good quality vitamins in to your body in the best form to ensure your body gets the full benefits. 

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