An advanced formula with Copper Peptides and pure Hyaluronic acid rapidly restructures and firms the skin, whilst the nutrient rich Moringa seed oil provides antioxidant protection. It also helps activate cell metabolism, boosting the energy required to produce collagen and elastin fibres and for processes such as cellular renewal. Paracress Flower helps to protect cellular DNA to reduce the cell quality degrading over time.




As we age, collagen and elastin fibres break down and cellular production of these essential elements of the skin’s matrix slows. The result can be sagging skin that lacks density, with undefined skin contours.

Wildsmith Active Repair Copper Peptide Serum

  • Clinically Tested over a period of 28 days by 37 female subjects aged 40 to 65 with sagging skin. They applied it to their face, neck and décolletage morning and evening.


    68% presented a significant contouring effect of -4% volume reduction under 3D scans. 

    92% reported smoother skin. 87% reported greater elasticity and density. 

    82% reported visibly tightened skin.


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