An advanced eye treatment formulated to support collagen and elastin production which reduces the appearance of wrinkles.  This super serum also contains flavonoids and polyphenols which significantly reduce dark circle and puffiness. It works to decrease inflammation, reduce the expression of anchoring proteins that causes blood plasma to pass into skin cells, resulting in puffiness, and to reduce iron oxidation of the blood, which causes dark circles.



Skin around the eyes is very sensitive to environmental stress. Aggressors like UV, pollution, fatigue and ageing trigger an inflammatory reaction in the skin that can result in dark circles, puffiness and premature signs of ageing.

Wildsmith Active Super Eye Serum

  • Clinically Tested over a period of 28 days by 21 female and 11 male subjects aged 40 to 64, with 3D scans capturing the changes over time.


    100% had significantly reduced dark circles by 31%.

    100% had significantly reduced under-eye bags by 36%.

    81% presented a smoothed eye contour with an anti-wrinkle effect of 8%.

    90% agreed that their skin felt softer and smoother.

    82% agreed skin was tighter around the eyes.

    82% agreed puffiness around the eyes was reduced


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