Spectacle Performance Cream layers exceptionally well with other products. It won’t ball up under make up – it’s a moisturiser but is brilliant for priming skin before make up application. 


The Spectacle Performance Crème works at the cellular level, bathing the skin in hydration and providing biocompatible nutrients that nourish the cells;  Imparting an optimal environment in which the skin is able to repair and renew itself, replenishing key elements of the skin’s matrix.


The state-of-the-art formula uses an advanced blend of 3rd generation antioxidants, peptides, and essential fatty acids to visibly enrich the skin, restoring a more balanced and radiant complexion.

Spectacle Performance Creme

  • New Sizing: 36.5 ml

    Both AM/PM We suggest you work a 5p sized amount of cream over the face, take up to the orbital rim but not up to the lash line. If you are using it in the morning, please wear an SPF over it in the AM.

    Neodermyl: A pure source of bio-available energy which can naturally diffuse into skin, re-energizing aging fibroblasts and triggers essential elements to produce collagen and elastin.

    Brightenyl: The very first of its kind, activated by the microflora of human skin;  Captures UV-induced free radicals caused by the sun’s harmful rays and brings forth brighter, more even skin tone by blocking the hyper-pigmentation process at multiple levels.

    IconicA: A powerful retinoid that boasts superior antioxidant activity. Restores skins clarity and smooths fine lines and wrinkles to help diminish the look of aging.

    L-Carnosine: Skin cells have the ability to reproduce themselves 52 times before they die. With this powerful amino acid, the cells’ lifespan is increased, significantly extending their ability to reproduce to more than 60 times.


    Ideal For Sensitive Skin

    Free of Comedogenic Oils/Fragrance/Fragrant Oils/Parabens/Phthalates/Dyes/PEGs