Step 3 of our 3 Step Tanning Method is this essential ‘curve-compatible’ tool that works beautifully with the natural curves of the body, brushing and buffing your tan into the skin so it lasts longer and fades beautifully.



  • The essential tool to create a long-lasting and streak-free tan.
  • Contains 3000 individual hairs.
  • Can be used with multiple textured products, including creams, mousse and powders.
  • Supersoft and hard-wearing hair.

Amanda Harrington The Big Body Brush

  • Our brushes are made from 100% natural hair. This means to get the best out of your brushes they need to be looked after, like your other makeup brushes. During the first few uses of the brush they may moult which is completely normal with natural hair. If this happens wait for the product to dry on your skin before removing any stray hairs. To avoid this happening, we recommend washing your brush with our Gentle Brush Care Shampoo.

    The design of this brush is protected by a Registered Community Design no 002987008-0001 and has been recorded in the Register of Community Designs