The Bothy candle is created in partnership with visionary and olfactory experts; Maurice Joosten and Megumi Fukatsu to celebrate The Bothy Spa at Heckfield Place. A celebration of the magnificent countryside where time is slowed, breath is slowed, and we reconnect to nature’s rhythm. The scent was created with Kodo tradition in mind - the process encourages scents that can sharpen the senses and awaken the spirit whilst also calming the mind in turbulent times, it should breathe life without taking the limelight.

Wildsmith Bothy Candle

  • A scent for all seasons, all rooms and all times of day, a crisp and pure fragrance for the home environment. A bouquet of green herbs and leaves - Sage, Rosemary, Peppermint and Palma Rosa deliver a bright and cleansing aroma with slightly sweet and floral notes. Botanical top notes include Chamomile, Rose and Sage. Lime adds a twist of citrus to this delicate, clean aroma. The Wax is 100% vegan blend made from Soy and Rapeseed. The Wick is cotton with paper threads and is also 100% Vegan.