A powerful hydrator, this soothing multi-purpose balm is enriched with ceramides, vitamin E and a nourishing blend of plant oils to restore and protect lips, cuticles, elbows, heels, or any areas of extremely dry skin. Dry, cracked, and sensitive skin can be caused by a lipid deficiency. These deficiencies are often influenced by both environmental and lifestyle factors, resulting in sore and irritated skin. 

Wildsmith Ceramide Lipid Repair Balm

  • We recommend using this product if you have noticed

    Dryness and flaky patches, irritated and sensitized skin, skin feels tight and taught and uncomfortable.

    Any of the above signifies the skins barrier is compromised, this is regardless of skin age and skin type

    Use as and when required on clean, dry skin at night time or use a rescue balm during the day. Brilliant for dry sore lips, corner of the mouth, dry skin on the elbows and cuticles, dry cracked heels, dry, sensitive patches on the face and the body and delicate areas such as corners of the nose.