Cleanse first with Wildsmith Skin Cleansing Balm and Mitt.


Apply a fine layer of 2-3 measures, using the Wildsmith Skin Spoon which is included with the Double Clay Refining Mask to clean dry skin. The mask should be applied in an even, thin layer over the face and neck avoiding the eyes and lips. The skin may feel warm, this is the warming chillies helping energise the skin.


Use once or twice a week depending of your condition and needs. Leave up to 10 mins and rinse to remove. If you have sensitive skin leave for 5 mins, add water and gently massage the skin to remove with circular movements.

Wildsmith Double Clay Refining Mask


    A firming, warming, mineral-rich face mask with advanced actives to mimic the effects of a facial. This unique formula combines our clinically proven Wildsmith Skin Cell Matrix with Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid and cleansing clays to leave the complexion clear, revitalised and radiant. We call it our facial in a jar.

    Great to use if you have noticed a dull complexion, lack of radiance and luminosity.