Skin Matters Facial

FACIAL TREATMENTS | 90-120 minutes

Joanne £480  |  Senior Skin Expert £380 

This is not just a facial; this is a total Skin Health check created by Joanne Evans.

It encapsulates the beauty and relaxation of a facial and the science and technology of a dermatologist. Full attention is given to all of your skin needs. Your skilled facialist will treat every pore and square inch of your skin. This customized treatment can achieve anything that your skin requires.

Extractions, de-puffing, plumping, brightening, acne and scar healing, blemish reduction, rosacea treatments, lifting, softening of lines and wrinkles, reduction in visibility of pigmentation and veins. With over 8 non- invasive cosmetic machines to choose from, be prepared to be transformed. This 8 step treatment includes a 3 stage cleanse, gentle peel and steam, a hydra quenching derma jet, extractions, vitamin infusion using ultra-sound and galvanic. Pressure point massage, electric infused mask, more massage and a reflexology foot massage.

This treatment is finished with one or more procedures depending on the skin’s needs. This can range from IPL or Laser to LED Light Therapy and Micro-currents.

Depending on skin types, IPL and Laser will be prescribed for best results with minimum down time (unless treating pigmentation).

Frequently asked questions

I have never had IPL before, can I have this treatment?

For IPL we need to do a quick patch test a minimum of one week before IPL treatment. This can be done after your facial or on a separate appointment, this is to make sure you do not have any reactions and that IPL is the most appropriate treatment for you.

Why is there such a big price jump between an Advanced Vitamin Facial and a Skin Matters Facial?

Skin Matters is more than just a facial it is a total Skin Health check and the cost is dependent on which finishing procedure you have. All of these add-ons are expensive treatments that we have combined with your facial at a discounted rate. So whilst it may seem like a big jump it is in fact cheaper than if you had the two treatments done separately.

treatment time?

90 - 120 minutes

Treatment Frequency?

Every 4 - 6 weeks or as required. 


Dependent on treatment

how long until I see visible results?

Within 1 treatment but a course is recommended for best results.