Our aim in the world of wellness is to transform and empower clients in every aspect of their lives. During our journey so far, we have been privileged to meet some of the finest wellness practitioners from all over the globe. Skin-Matters at Bodyism London have brought together a range of treatments and therapists who will work with you to create a clean and beautiful mind, body and skin.

Poly – Remedial and Therapeutic Massage

Experience a unique combination of Thai, Medical and therapeutic traditions that Poly has put together from her years of experience and training. Her service has been specially created for a pre and post workouts using slow, rhythmic compressions and stretches along the body’s energy lines. It also combines elements of deep tissue and sports massage, releasing muscular tension, stress and improving mobility and flexibility. This massage has also proven to be effective in treating migraines and some minor injuries.

On Availability
From £135-£155

Antonia Curling – Massage Therapist

Antonia’s journey into bodywork started in 2003 with her training with ITEC in Swedish Massage. She has subsequently gone on to train in Deep Tissue Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Hot Stone Massage and Advanced Clinical Massage Techniques. In 2014 she travelled to America to continue her education in Myofascial Release (John F Barnes method) adding to her 13 years of experience. It is her training in Myofascial Release that has been her driving force for the past 2 years, believing that working with the fascia (connective tissue) is the missing link for easing long term physical, emotional and habitual trauma. Myofascial work is gentle at application but works at a very deep level.

Antonia believes that each body is different so combines all of her experience and knowledge into a tailormade treatment, individual to each client. After an initial consultation to discuss a targeted plan for specific problems, Antonia will apply the skills she has learnt that allow her to understand body dynamics, help ease headaches, back pain, hip problems, stress or, if you prefer, just a more relaxing Therapeutic Massage.

Available Sundays and Mondays

Rhaya Jordan- Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist

“Listen to Your Body”

Rhaya Jordan and Bodyism share the philosophy: ‘Be Kind To Yourself’. Rhaya has been in practice for 30 years as a qualified naturopath, nutritionist and herbalist. She was the Naturopathic Director of Blackmores UK, training practitioners throughout the UK. She helped write the Bachelor of Science in Nutrition Therapy at Westminster University and helped set up the largest Complementary Health training clinic in Europe. Rhaya also works as the Nutrition Consultant for Daylesford. Rhaya specialises in supporting people with diabetes and food addiction and has worked alongside James showing her support and appreciation of Bodyism’s supplement range.

Sessions with Rhaya include:

  • Establishing techniques and approaches to create a healthy relationship with food
  • Weight management
  • Intuitive eating and learning to listen to the body
  • Functional Medicin e- decrease inflammation, food sensitivities, increase energy levels, balance hormones

Available every Tuesday and alternative Saturday
Nutrition Consultation – £155
Follow-Up Consultation – £105

Nubia – Massage Therapist

Nubia has been a massage therapist for the past five years. She has always been fascinated with complementary therapies and how the body works to heal itself. Nubia began her journey as a massage therapist whilst working at an acupuncture clinic. After having known Nubia both personally and professionally for some time, the owner of the clinic stated that she should give serious consideration to undertaking a course in massage therapy due to her kind, caring and compassionate demeanour. From this point onwards, a passion for massage therapy, along with further exposure to complementary therapies, was born – with the former winning out and becoming Nubia’s main interest and passion, to which she has dedicated herself for many years – including in Spa settings and Private Massage with a client base consisting of businessmen and women as well as personalised massage. Nubia has also worked with a Premier League footballer.

Nubia’s methodology combines deep pressure and the use of soft tissue techniques, such as Muscle Energy Technique and Soft Tissue Release, to release tight muscles and relieve pain. Believing in a ‘less is more’ philosophy, Nubia’s technique allows for a slow, deep and intuitive experience, which gives her time to identify the body’s issues and feel the points that need more work. Nubia likes to adopt a holistic approach, always exploring the main reasons that are contributing to and/or causing her client’s pain and muscle tightness: for example; posture, stress levels, quality of life and emotional factors. Nubia tailors her treatments according to her client’s needs. In addition to her treatment, Nubia advises her clients on postural changes, stress management and exercise, which is designed to help improve their overall health and wellbeing.
Nubia also performs Pregnancy Massage, Swedish Massage, Hot Stones, Lymphatic/Cellulite Massage and Aromatherapy. Recently, Nubia completed her Remedial Sports Massage course at the London School of Sports Massage (LSSM). Her next goal is to start a degree in Osteopathy.

Camilla Kirk-Davies – CKR Eyelash Extensions

Camilla LashesCamilla Kirk-Reynolds, more commonly known as Camilla Lashes, is a Multi Award Winning Eyelash Extension Specialist with over 10 years experience. She has Royalty and A list Celebrities among her clientele. Coming from a background in Film Make Up where the industry is all in HD, Camilla specialises in making the Eyelash Extensions look seamless and natural. Every set of Eyelash Extensions is designed uniquely for you, to suit your look and fit in with your lifestyle. Camilla prides herself on offering her clients an exceptional service, with great care and attention to the maintenance of natural lash safety and hygiene. Lasting up to 10 weeks with the correct after care. Eyelash Extensions are a great way to enhance your natural beauty, helping you to look and feel good with minimal fuss 24/7.

Alternate Wednesdays & Saturdays
Eyelash Extensions Full Set (120mins) – £300
(Classic or Russian Volume Technique)
Additional time on request for dramatic Russian Volume (per 30 mins) – £60
Eyelash Extensions Infill (75mins) – £150
Lower lash extensions (with eyes closed) (30-60 mins) – from £60
Eyelash Lift without tint (60 mins) – £80
Eyelash Lift with tint (60 mins) – £100


Colette Bateman – Vitamin Infusions and Booster Body & Skin

Registered General Nurse and has spent majority of her time working with children and teenagers as a haematology and oncology nurse in one of the most leading cancer hospitals in the world. Well as an assessor for other healthcare practitioners within her job.

Colette is passionate about her NHS job, and has many years also running her own aesthetic business. Offering intravenous and intramuscular nutritional therapy and skin boosters such as Profilho a hyaluronic acid to hydrate thinning and dehydrated skin.

She provides multi-infusion drips for the immune system, fatigue, dehydration, aging and general wellbeing.

Available Tuesdays
From £60-£300

Skin Experts

The Skin Experts who work alongside Joanne for many years and have a wealth of experience and expertise. They follow the bespoke concept of Joanne Evans and the ‘Skin-Matters Gold Standard of excellence’.

Sandra Felicio

With an experience gained from working with specialist clinics in London, Sandra joined Joanne, becoming her protégé at Kensington skin clinic for almost 10 years.

She has become a pioneer of skin improvement solutions and laser treatment at Skin-Matters.Sandra FelicioSandra Felicio is a IPL/laser specialist and aesthetician for almost 20 years.

Sandra focuses on understanding the under layering factors and individualistic requirements of skin treatments for each client’s needs, striving to provide the best and suitable solutions for skin health.

Louisa Hurdle

Louisa has 20 years industry experience in beauty and aesthetics. She qualified in 1996 at The London College of Fashion. Her passion for the beauty industry has led to demanding roles as the national trainer for Ellipse Pulsed Light Ltd and as a lecturer and assessor at the London College of Beauty Therapy, in addition to several years of clinical work.

Louisa Hurdle Specialist
It was her position as a national trainer that introduced Louisa to the world of medical and aesthetic treatments, including advanced Laser and IPL treatments.

Louisa has specialised in treatments involving sun damage, acne, rosacea thread veins, hair removal, anti-ageing and skin tightening. Joining Joanne at Skin Matters was a natural progression to carrying on the philosophy of skin repair and wellness.

Joanne Baldwin

Joanne Baldwin is a holistic health coach with a deep desire to help people bring their lives into balance and become the healthiest they can be.

Joanne Baldwin

She is trained in multiple disciplines including Biomagnetism, Integrative Nutrition, Women’s hormonal health and Preconception detoxification.

Joanne is currently based in the UK, however while working in the United States she was introduced to the practice of biomagnetism as part of her own health journey. On seeing positive results from her sessions she decided to train and become a biomagnetism practitioner in order to help others receive the benefits she enjoyed.

Following extensive training from a doctor who is one of the world’s leading practitioners in this field, her hands-on experience extends to working with clients in a number of countries.

It is a natural, non-invasive therapy which is so safe that Joanne uses it with clients of all ages including children.

Joanne can now offer this therapy within the UK.

What is Biomagnetism?

Biomagnetism is a revolutionary, scientific and therapeutic approach to facilitate detoxification and elimination of pathogens, toxins, and stress in the body.
It empowers your body to overcome health obstacles with the use of magnets, by focusing on eliminating the root causes of illness, which allows you to live in an optimal state of health.

The first Biomagnetic pair was discovered in 1988 by Medical doctor Isaac Goiz. He has been able to identify more than 350 Biomagnetic pairs to treat disease, syndromes, glandular dysfunctions and illnesses in the body. The application of specific medium intensity magnets on two different points on the body which are energetically connected, enables the imbalance in the cellular environment to be corrected.
When there is regulation of electrical current in the body and adequate pH balance is achieved, pathogens are weakened, allowing the immune system to take care of them, and the body is able to heal itself.
In honor of his discovery, the Oxford International University in England presented Dr. Isaac Goiz with the Doctorate of Philosophy in Bio-energetic Medicine in 1999.

Dr Goiz has successfully treated thousands of patients using Biomagnetism, and has trained medical doctors and health practitioners from all around the world.

Biomagnetism’s healing capabilities are thought to:

  • stimulate and improve immune system function
  • eliminate pathogens
  • improve circulation
  • oxygenate the body
  • increase detoxification
  • lower inflammation
  • rehabilitate different functions of the body
  • reduce clinical symptoms
  • re-establish equilibrium and overall health and wellbeing

As well as supporting conventional treatments and addressing pre-existing conditions, it is also for healthy people who understand that Biomagnetism’s objective is overall balance and the prevention of illness, leading to a richer and happier life.

Unlike traditional medicine which targets the symptoms or degenerative signs of illness, Biomagnetism targets pathogens which are part of the illness process, to get to the root of the problem. This means that disease and dysfunction in the body can be prevented and eliminated before it becomes symptomatic. Prevention is always better than cure.

Biomagnetism is a safe, non-invasive method for adults and children alike and does not produce any side effects. The magnets that are used are not connected to any electrical machine and it is compatible with all traditional and alternative healing practices.

You may have heard of magnet therapy but that is different. In magnet therapy one low intensity magnet is used for longer periods of time typically to elevate pain or to reduce inflammation.
Biomagnetism is a comprehensive therapy using pairs of magnets to identify and eliminate imbalance in order to eliminate pathogens (viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites) toxins and stress from the body.

Available Sundays

From £180
(2 sessions are needed for full results)